Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, And Business Owners Join Medical Cannabis Opposition Group In Oklahoma

They aim to prevent medical marijuana from appearing on the June 26th ballot

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — A coalition that includes law enforcement, prosecutors and members of the business and medical community is opposing a medical marijuana question on Oklahoma’s June 26 primary election ballot.

The group, known as SQ 788 is Not Medical, registered as an unlimited political action committee on Tuesday with the Oklahoma Ethics Commission. It includes some politically powerful organizations, including the District Attorneys Council, Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association, Oklahoma State Medical Association and The State Chamber.

The group maintains the state question is too broadly written and doesn’t include enough safeguards to protect landlords, employers and municipalities from regulating the activity of marijuana license holders.

Supporters of the question say sick people should have access to the medicinal benefits of marijuana. They gathered enough signatures to qualify the question for the election ballot.

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