LeafLink’s Names Winners In The Retail Cannabis Industry Of 2018

The list cites the top brands and products of the cannabis industry

As any store owner, in any business, knows, restocking inventory can be a time-consuming task. Determining which brands and items are hot sellers and which are duds can be maddening, especially when dealing with multiple vendors.

LeafLink’s mission is to streamline the process for the cannabis industry. Founded in 2016, LeafLink is the industry’s standard platform for wholesale ordering, providing a massive online marketplace for wholesale cannabis. It provides a variety of tools including streamlined ordering, CRM, reporting tools and fulfillment and shipment queues. The LeafLink Quarterly Media Update is especially helpful, offering insights into popular cannabis products and consumer trends.   

LeafLink just released its list of winners from 2018, which cites the top brands and products of the cannabis industry. As an aggregate source of wholesale cannabis data, LeafLink has been able to identify the leaders of the industry.

The LeafLink List of 2018 includes products that were represented on LeafLink last year. The honorees comprised best-selling and fastest-growing items and brands. Nearly all of the companies and products come from states where a vibrant cannabis industry is already in place. California, Colorado and Oregon seem to home to the most successful enterprises, with Nevada following. Companies and products from Michigan, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut and Maryland companies also made the list.

The top brand of the year was dosist of California, makers of superior “dose pens,” that come in a number of different emotions—if you will—“relief,” “calm,” “arouse,” “bliss,” “sleep,” and even “passion!” According to the LeafLink List, Summit Concentrates of Colorado is the fastest growing brand.  

In the edibles category, Sour Gummies from Wana Brands in Colorado grabbed the top spot, while Devour Gummies from CI Wholesales, another Colorado outfit, was tabbed as the fastest growing edible. The best-selling product in the flower and pre-roll category was Cavi J, from Caviar Gold based in Nevada. Lemon OG from oreKron in Oregon is the fastest selling, up-and-coming crowd favorite.

The Blue Dream CCELL Vape Cartridge from Roots, in Nevada, was named best-selling vaporizer; Alaskan Thunderfuck—500 mg. from Timeless Vapes, based in Arizona, was identified as the fastest growing.

LeafLink has also rated the most popular topicals, concentrates and medical products. Additionally, the LeafLink List cites the companies who have emerged as customer favorites and those who have excelled in the area of diversity in leadership. You’ll also find the companies that LeafLink believes have mounted the top advertising and branding campaigns.  

As the cannabis marketplace broadens, dispensary and smoke shop commerce is destined to become more complex as consumers gain knowledge and become more discerning. The LeafLink List of 2018 removes the guesswork and eliminates needless time spent assessing the merits of one’s merchandise.

Click here to check out the entire LeafLink List of 2018.

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