Legal Cannabis Businesses Are Preparing To Get Robbed Again

For some marijuana merchants, the dynamic adds insult to injury

Still reeling from a spree of what appeared to be organized burglaries a month ago, cannabis businesses across California are preparing to get robbed again over the July 4 holiday weekend.

Over the weekend of May 29 to June 1, thieves burglarized cannabis dispensaries, distribution centers, and cultivation in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and other cities, relieving legal commercial cannabis operations of cash and product.

In several documented instances, break-in crews paid repeated visits to dispensaries, breaking in night after night. In nearly every instance, police—ostensibly busy squaring off against protesters, and whose budgets directly benefit from cannabis legalization—were powerless to stop or even discourage the robberies.

Without law enforcement protection, marijuana businesses hired extra armed security, and spraypainted Second Amendment warnings on the plywood covering broken windows.

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