Like Mother Like Sons: The Family Team Behind Emerald Spirit Botanicals

We talk with NorCal’s Emerald Spirit Botanicals about the alternative cannabinoid craze


Marijuana Retail Report:                           What brought you guys to the cannabis industry and made you want to form a family business?

Katie Jeane:                  Well the three of us, me and my two sons Joseph and River, have all worked together and farmed together and it was just really just a natural kind of a thing. Since we all have the same mindset of what we are trying to accomplish, forming a family business just made sense.       

Joseph Haggard:              We just all have a passion for farming and for working with the land, so we wanted to produce food and medicine in a way that supports people but also still supports the land. Sustainability is a big part of who we are as a family and now as a business because as we were growing up, we were really connected to the land in that way. I think now that my brother and I are young adults, and kind of entering into the adult world, we feel like working together with our mom really helps us to accomplish our vision of what we would like to fulfill in this world. The best part is it’s great because we can accomplish that vision together as a family.


Marijuana Retail Report:                          What kind of inspired you to partner into the Flow Kana distribution network?

Katie Jeane:                    Early on before CBD was a popular thing, I believed in it, but not many other people did. It was kind of unknown to the community and whatnot. And so for me, meeting Mikey (Michael Steinmetz) and having him also really believe in my work was just, it struck me, you know? Especially at that point, I was really wanting to get the CBD to THC balance, 1:1, perfected and out to the people. As a cannabis farmer, I’m more of a mountain person. I’m not one that goes out into the world as much and I needed somebody to do that part of the work. So for me meeting Mikey and having him also believe in what I was doing and feel really passionate about it and be willing to take it out to the people, it was just a beautiful partnership.


Marijuana Retail Report:                           Can you talk a little bit about the benefits of different types of consumption methods?

Katie Jeane:                       I guess I would just say some people just love the ritual of smoking and so for those that love that ritual and love to commune with the medicine in that way, then that’s a good way for them to do that. I’m pretty fond of tinctures myself, actually. You feel like you can really kind of dial-in your dose better., so I would say that with tincture. If also it can be easier to take. And then topicals, depending on kind of what you’re dealing with. Like if you have quite a bit of back pain, got a pulled nerve, who knows what you got going on, a sore muscle. You know putting some salve right on the spot can just be a really quick way to address that.



Marijuana Retail Report:                          How would you best describe CBD to a new retailer just entering the market?

Joseph Haggard:            So I think what really helps people value different types of cannabinoids, and CBD is kind of the first cannabinoid that’s really hitting the spotlight after THC, is for consumers to really get educated around the endocannabinoid system. It’s a system inside of the body that helps to maintain balance and homeostasis on a cellular level. And that is really important, and especially right now in the world that we live in. There’s a lot of things that are out of balance that are impacting our ability to maintain homeostasis in the body.

Right now, there’s still a lot of research to be done. I couldn’t really say any definitive fact about CBD, about THC, or about the endocannabinoid system. I think, at this point, it’s more of a question asking phase, where we can kind of live with the question and see what is our experience that we have experience that we have with it. Because we’re finding that CBD has so many different benefits for so many different people in so many different ways. And that just points to CBD providing support on a foundational level. And I think that foundational level has something to do with the endocannabinoid system.



From left to right: River, Katie Jeane, and Joseph of Emerald Spirit Botanicals



Marijuana Retail Report:                         What are some additional alternative cannabinoids that you’re looking at and why?

Joseph Haggard:            I think as we continue to do this research, we’re going to be able to hone in on specific benefits that each cannabinoid offers. At this point, we’re finding that CBN is an interesting cannabinoid that we’ve found to support people who may have trouble with sleep. And then one that we’re particularly interested in is THCV. THCV is kind of another sort of an elusive cannabinoid that we’re trying to bring into to our breeding work. At this point, we’re speculating some sort of support with bone support. We’ve seen some talk of it supporting people who are maybe experiencing tremors.  And then I’ve heard stories of it also supporting in an anti-seizure way for some people that CBD might now be able to counter the seizure effects that they might be having. I think as these other cannabinoids start to come out, we can begin to talk more definitively on their benefits. But from a farmer perspective, we’re really trying to just bring plants forward that have those cannabinoid profiles. Then from there, we can share our subjective experience on it. But we really have to wait until there can be some large studies done before we can give any definitive benefits of any cannabinoid.


Marijuana Retail Report:                          What are some Emerald Spirit Botanical flower you have under the Flow Kana banner that retailers should be looking at?

Joseph Haggard:             Our favorite strain that we’re producing is Harmony Rose. For me, it’s a unique experience where I can feel relaxation in the body, but I’m still uplifted in the will to do things. Which is a really unique experience for me when smoking cannabis because I can find that if you’re relaxed in the body, you are often relaxed in the will as well and you’re not really encouraged. It’s more of, you could almost say couch lock is kind of a term that’s often thrown around. Whereas, with a heavy sativa you could almost get something that’s too racy or creates anxiety. So what I love about the Harmony Rose is I can have the benefits of an indica that’s relaxing for my muscles and relaxing for my body. But it also brings forward the sativa aspect of the willfully active strain.

This year, although there’s not very much of it available until some point in 2019, we have a Pink Goddess and that is our THCV strain. That breeding project is still a work in progress. We have a couple more years of really working with the THCV cannabinoid before we can bring a lot of that to market, but that’s another exciting strain that we’re looking forward to sharing with the world. We also have a number of other 1:1 varietals such as our Rising Sun which is an uplifting and activating 1:1 which is really nice. Then we have a Rose Queen, which is a high CBD strain that you can smoke and it brings relaxation but there’s no psychoactive effect that is paired with it. We have a number of other ones that we’re working with, too. Equinox is a good one that we produced a good amount of this year as well. Each one of our strains we really work with the vision and work with an intention. So, Equinox is if you’re working with the energetics of Equinox, that the balance of the day and the night. What we’ve been able to do with that strain is we’ve also been able to bring the balance of the cannabinoid, as well. Each strain has its own little story and has it’s own little visualization and intention that we bring through with it.

And that’s kind of one of our big goals of bringing this medicine to consumers, is we really want to bring medicine that has spirit. Medicine that was nurtured in a way that it feels it’s protective and it’s safe and it’s really taken care of in a balanced, healthy environment. That’s something that we feel can often be forgotten. Especially in a more business and scientific-minded realm. We want the science to breed the medicine, and the spirit to grow it.

Katie Jeane:                           Exactly. We’re really paying attention to the science while maintaining the connection to the spirit, and we are weaving the two together. I think that’s really where the magic is where spirit and science come together and we are happy to share our love of cannabis with the world.


Marijuana Retail Report:                          What are your hopes for future THCV products and where can people get more information?

Joseph Haggard:              So at this point the THCV was an impulse that Mikey brought to us. And he was kind of curious. He had seen our success with bringing out some of these one to one varietals and getting them stabilized. And he asked us about the THCV, so we kind of took that project on as one and this is our first year doing that project. Right now, I’m not aware of anywhere Flow Kana has distributed that flower or will anytime soon, but make sure to keep in touch with your local Flow Kana rep to get the latest.


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