London Ontario City Council Must Decide To Opt In Or Out On Private Cannabis Shops

Councils across the province must decide by Jan. 22

A January deadline looms for cities across Ontario mulling a move to block private pot stores from setting up shop in their communities — a decision that will be one of the first navigated by London’s new city council.

There’s an early sense from some members of the committee that will handle the issue next week that opting out would be the wrong choice for London, discouraging new businesses from coming to town and losing out on thousands of dollars in government funding to manage the impact of those cannabis retailers.

And already residents can buy cannabis online, so nixing the stores won’t keep the drug out. Since marijuana was legalized on Oct. 17, Ontarians have been able to buy their weed online and have it mailed — a system riddled with delays — or grow up to four of their own plants.

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