Los Angeles DCR Unveils Redesigned Website

One of the biggest changes on the website to the Licensing section

The Department of Cannabis Regulation has unveiled a redesigned website that simplifies, and makes more accessible, information related to the Licensing Program and Social Equity Program. To view the website, click here

We recognize that due to the virtual nature of our current reality, we must modify existing communication strategies and will be intentionally working to shift all communications online.

This website redesign is the first step in a series of communication strategy updates. The Department is working diligently to develop tools and resources to assist members of the public. 

We have reorganized the entire website to make it easier for you to navigate and get the information you need. At the top of the website, you’ll see our reorganized menu bar, which includes six sections: About, Laws & Policy, Licensing, Social Equity Program, Personal Activity, and the Complaint Portal.

Each menu category on our menu bar contains sub-menus, organizing our information in an easy to understand format. Within the sub-menus you can find individual web pages with specific related information. For instance, under our About menu, you can now find pages to submit media requests, speaking requests, and event requests, as well as a sub-menu dedicated to the Cannabis Regulation Commission. 

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice on the website is the update to our Licensing section. The new sub-menus include News & Updates, Licensing Information, and Compliance and Inspection Information. 

Under the Licensing Information sub-menu, members of the public can find the General Overview page, Public Participation page, Application Procedures and Resources page, Application Forms and Documents page, Fees & Fines page, our Licensing Map, and an Apply for a License page. 

The updated Application Procedures and Resources page and Application Forms and Documents page includes important information for Applicants, including:

  • The Public Convenience or Necessity “PCN” process and associated forms. 
  • The Pre-Application Review process, associated forms and required documents. 
  • The Temporary Approval application process, associated forms and required documents.
  • The Business Premises Relocation process, associated forms and required documents.

We encourage members of the public to review the Application Procedures and Resources page and Application Forms and Documents pages in their entirety and click through the various links to access the information included in our Workflows, Information and Procedures Bulletins, and other documents. 

Please download these workflows and bulletins for personal use as you move through the application process. These documents are intended to guide you through the application process. Regardless of whether you use the bulletins, the Department encourages you to conduct your own due diligence and research, or seek legal counsel if you need additional assistance. 

The Department will continue to update the website as information becomes available for our Licensing Program and Social Equity Program. To stay in-the-know, members of the public can also sign-up for our email updates, located under About and the Contact sub-menu. 

To review the presentation introducing the redesigned website from last week’s Cannabis Regulation commission, please visit the Commission Meeting and Agendas page under the About menu.

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