L.A. Might Charge Illegal Cannabis Shop Owners For Cost Of Killing Their Power

The motion is scheduled to be discussed today

The city of Los Angeles would start charging business and property owners of illegal cannabis shops for the costs associated with shutting off their utilities under a motion set for discussion by a City Council committee Tuesday.

With hundreds of illegal marijuana shops continuing to operate in the city, the council in March unanimously approved an ordinance aimed at cracking down on the businesses by shutting off their utilities. The Los Angeles Police Department, Department of Water and Power and other departments recently began acting on the policy, and as of last week, the LAPD said at least 22 businesses had already been cut off.

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez on Friday introduced a motion stating that the cost of such enforcement actions includes “materials used to secure facilities, staff hours generated by those engaged in enforcement and other costs. The city must establish a policy that seeks full cost recovery from those that lease their property to illegal cannabis businesses.”

The motion is scheduled to be discussed by the Rules, Elections and Intergovernmental Relations Committee Tuesday.

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