Loudpack Rings In 2019 Holiday Season With The 12 Strains Of Kingpen Cannabis

Loudpack is a licensed California State cannabis company

Loudpack, one of the leading privately held, vertically integrated cannabis companies in California,  is ringing in the holiday season with 12 festive strains of Kingpen cannabis to celebrate the ‘Most Wonderful Time of the Year.’ 

Each Kingpen half-gram vape cartridges contains festive strains with familiar tastes and comforting scents of the season that delivers effects to help consumers feel uplifted, energized, relaxed and celebratory during one of the busiest times of the year.  

For some, the holidays can be one of the best times of the year, however, for most, it brings a slew of stressful physical and mental demands like shopping, cooking, cleaning, entertaining and other pressures. Loudpack’s festive strains highlight favorite smells and tastes of the season like pine, earth, citrus, spices, mint and fruit. This hand-picked selection of strains are all greenhouse-grown using sustainable growing practices to help consumers manage the hectic holiday season.

“These festive Kingpen strains will help make the holiday season full of holly, jolly good times,” said Loudpack Loudpack Vice President of Sales Danny Corral. “No matter what situation, yes even dealing with the in-laws, and effects consumers need, we have a perfect strain for them. We’re getting ready to wrap the year up and are looking forward to bringing our customers more strains and innovative products in the New Year.”

Pine, Spice and Everything Nice

Loudpack Kingpen Sky OG is an award-winning indica strain and perfect for bodily relief from standing in long shopping lines and or picking up the couch to clean under it for the first time in a year. A pleasant mellow high is calming and relaxed with earthy, pine and citrus notes.

Loudpack Kingpen Trainwreck brings about a focused, cerebral high with a pleasant, minor body high. It is a potent hybrid strain with citrus, pine and lemon notes that consumers find great for awakened creativity and tune out all the noise from the holiday songs that have been on repeat caused by the noise of holiday songs that have been on repeat since the first of November. 

The Three Wise Men

Loudpack Kingpen King Louis OG has a peaceful and relaxing high fit for royalty. Its overwhelmingly piney, citrus and woodsy smell with an earthy musk brings a Christmas tree into any space. This indica is pure relaxation at its finest and recommended as a perfect nightcap for the end of a long day of cooking, cleaning and dealing with the in-laws.

Loudpack Kingpen Three Kings is a is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from none other than the all-mighty trinity three kings of cannabis strains of Headband, Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Consumers can expect a strong body high with mellowing effects and scents of earth for serious relaxation and relief without being too heavy. 

Loudpack Kingpen Jack Herer is an ode to cannabis activist Jack Herer. This sativa-dominant strain has notes of pine, herbs and citrus that bring a refreshing, stimulating and focused energy. This is a great daytime strain for when you need a boost to creativity for house and gift decorating, sparking conversations at holiday parties and relaxing.

Sugar Plum Sweets

Loudpack Kingpen Cali-O is a High Times award-winning sativa strain and for good reason. It’s orange, sweet and tropical flavors and scents bring an upbeat, clear-headed high. With each puff, relaxation washes over you like a warm tropical breeze taking you to place far away from the cold, snow and in-laws who want to talk politics at the dinner table.  

Loudpack Kingpen Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains in California for several years running and a strain that bucks the classic sativa/indica categories. A balanced, gentle and cerebral high mellows into full-body relaxation. It’s popular for daytime relief and will have you dreaming of sugar plum fairies. 

Loudpack Kingpen Gelato is our most High Times awarded Kingpen strain. Sweet blueberry and herbal smells precede a relaxing yet delightful high that boosts creativity and social activities – perfect for finding your happy place with half your family tree wanting your time and attention. It has an incredible taste similar to sweet blueberry and orange sherbet.

Better Than a Fruitcake

Loudpack Kingpen Cannalope Kush has cantaloupe, lemongrass and melon flavors and scents with a happy yet relaxing high for a carefree escape from the stress of secret Santa.

Loudpack Kingpen Super Lemon Haze is an award-winning with uplifting cerebral effects that are both lively and energetic. Tart, sweet and lemon notes will help you forget about dessert as you put all your willpower to not have that second serving of pie. 

Loudpack Kingpen Banana Sherbet has fewer calories than banana pudding and smells and tastes just as sweet, creamy and fruity. The high is a relaxing euphoria that is focused and energizing. This is a great strain for working up the conversational juices with anyone and everyone around you. A sense of creative motivation accompanies this effect, allowing you to concentrate on any artistic task that you may have at hand, including that painstaking kernel by kernel popcorn garland creation. 

Loudpack Kingpen Jilly Bean is perfect for daytime creatives and social butterflies who want a consistent and balanced body feel with an uplifting yet relaxing high. Sweet, citrus and tropical fruit flavors and scents are better than a fruitcake. 

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Loudpack is a licensed California State cannabis company: C11-0000939-LIC.
About Loudpack

Loudpack is a leading privately held, vertically integrated cannabis company in California. Loudpack’s family of companies and joint ventures include: a cannabis brand marketing and sales company focused on showcasing an award-winning portfolio of brands suited for every type of consumer; one of the largest cannabis manufacturing facilities, which is setting the industry standard for quality, efficiency, and innovation; Loudpack Distribution, which is ensuring retailers in the world’s largest cannabis market has product on their shelves for customers every day; Humboldt Partner Group, a cannabis sourcing brokerage that operates directly with over 400 of California’s top craft growers that ensures that all partner crops are processed and delivered to top brand manufacturing facilities; and a retail joint venture between Loudpack, GREENWOLF LA and Pink Dot that is creating a cannabis flagship mega-store featuring retail, on-site consumption and delivery located in the heart of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California. Together, Loudpack is uniting its companies, brands and partnerships around a single bold vision: to forge the most creative, influential, and commercially successful cannabis brands in North America.

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Loudpack is a licensed cannabis company in the Califoria State License: C11-0000939-LIC. 

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