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For the Love of Cannabis: Creative Valentine’s Day Dispensary Promotion Ideas

With one month to go, the time to plan and execute is now

Happy MLK Jr. day everyone! Valentine’s Day is the next major holiday soon approaching and is just a month away, so now is the perfect time to begin planning your dispensary’s in store promotions. Offering Valentine’s Day themed products and sales will definitely appeal to customers this time of year, helping you increase your store’s revenue and profit.

General Valentine’s Day Promotions

There are many product lines and brands out there on the market today that use logos, names, or images that evoke thoughts of things typically associated with Valentine’s Day such as love. For example, concentrates extracted by Concentrated Love and edibles made by Love’s Oven would be great Valentine’s Day themed cannabis product lines to put on sale or promote as part of a special your store can run. You can always turn your own products into Valentine’s gifts as well- some retail cannabis stores wrap their own pre-rolled joints in heart-covered papers around this time of year. Some edibles are aesthetically perfect for this holiday that’s all about celebrating love. For example, Sensi Chews Amoré medicated caramel chocolate chews are meant to be aphrodisiacs, and are covered in red, white, and pink heart-shaped sprinkles. They’re essentially the consistency of a Tootsie Roll, and one package comes with two, moderate 25-milligram doses of THC, each spiked with 80 mg of the arousal herb Tongkat Ali. Your retail cannabis store can also cash in on selling traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, with a bit of a canna-thusiast spin on them. Arranging flower into cannabis bouquets would make a great gift for customers to give to their significant other. Boxes of chocolates filled with edibles or gift boxes of truffles also make great gifts for the more sweet-inclined customer. There are even foil-wrapped heart-shaped chocolate edibles that you could stock up on and offer for sale on discount at your store during the holiday.

Promotions for Couples

Offering Valentine’s Day gift specials or date ideas for couples is sure to win over customers who shop together at your store or consume cannabis together regularly. From cannabis-infused personal lubricants to massage oils full of THC, there are many cannabis products on the market today meant to enhance couples’ relationships and intimate experiences. Designing Valentine’s Day themed gift packages or date-night packages can allow you to incorporate products like these that are meant to best be enjoyed by two people. Topicals containing cannabis, like oils or lotions, are not only a great gift idea for your loved one, but also can be used for a fun activity couples’ activity together- massages! Topical cannabis products can help loosen up tension or in some cases even help stimulate arousal. Fun products on the market like flavored, edible cannabis massage oil and THC-infused lube can then help a canna-couple get down and dirty. Your store can also offer edibles best enjoyed together through the holiday. After working up an appetite, couples can chow down on cannabis-infused chocolate covered strawberries or on rich, decadent white chocolate candy bars. Including edibles as part of a date-night package is only the tip of the iceberg. One dispensary in Seattle put together a V-day package that included a pink glass pipe, and two grams of choice buds, the strains of which were named “Dirty Girl” and “Nasty Boy”. They also offered more expensive packages including four grams of Alice in Wonderland bud, which is a strain that is well known for its aphrodisiac qualities.

Promotions for Singles

Don’t forget the single people on Valentine’s Day! You can promote your cannabis products and accessories that are all about self-love and self-care for those without a significant other to celebrate the holiday with, and at the same time help end the stigma around being single on Valentine’s Day. Those who aren’t single by choice aren’t lonely and depressed, but could use some extra cheering up on a day so focused on couples. Your single customers appreciate good deals too! Products such as THC-infused bath salts are a great way to help give cannabis consumers a relaxing evening after a soak in a THC tub. There are now even cannabis-infused bath soaks that your store could carry and offer as part of a Valentine’s Day deal. In the same vein of curating a relaxing vibe, if your store is in California, you could even begin offering THC-infused wine for sale. Of course, for those not necessarily wanting a reminder that they’re single, it’s a good idea to offer discounts and specials on regular, non-Valentine’s day themed products as well. Selling flower, concentrates, edibles, vaporizers and vape cartridges, and/or accessories at a discount is sure to appeal to these customers and help keep your sales going strong throughout the holiday- you don’t want to lose customers who are single just because your store went too overboard on Valentine’s themes.

Get Creative

Holidays always bring the opportunity to help your business increase sales and foot-traffic, so be sure to properly take advantage of Valentine’s day if you run a retail cannabis store. Don’t forget, you can always get creative and team up with ancillary cannabis businesses to offer special date-themed deals.  For example, offering a discount with a company that does THC couples massages if a customer buys a certain product in your store will help both of your companies reach their fullest potential. Just remember to keep things light and fun, and your customers will appreciate your effort to incorporate holiday themes into their next shopping experience.

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