Lowell Herb Co. – Pride 2020 ‘Certified Original’ Available In California

Lowell Herb Co. continues its Pride tradition

This year Lowell Herb Co. continues its Pride tradition with the release of the Pride 2020 collection, celebrating two of our farm partners in the LGBTQ+ community, Tuff-n-Tendergrass and Ventoso Farms. Lowell will release two strains, Magic Melon Sativa, and Blueberry Muffin Indica, along with a Limited Edition Pride 2020 ‘Certified Original’ t-shirt. Lowell will be donating a portion of proceeds from the Pride collection to GLAAD and The National Black Justice Coalition. 

At Lowell Herb Co. we’re proud to have such a diverse team of creative and hard-working individuals. Our organization is passionate about diversity, as we find it’s the best way for us to ensure everyone is represented within our brand and products. Lowell strives to advance equity within the cannabis industry, remain inclusive of those who’ve been impacted by cannabis prohibition and to make our products accessible to all those who need them. 

Lowell is pleased to partner with these legacy craft cannabis farmers, who also identify as LGBTQ+. Our farm partners’ stories of perseverance, authenticity, and triumph are the lifeblood of Lowell. These farms work diligently every day to spread messages of love, hard work, and quality cannabis. We are excited to debut these incredible strains and share our farm partner’s stories.

Ventoso Farms (@ventosofarmsOne of the first women-owned and operated cannabis farms in Mendocino County, with 36 years of experience cultivating cannabis.

Founder Linnet Lockhart began growing cannabis in 1984 and was one of the only women growing cannabis in Mendocino County. “At the time, people were more surprised that I was a grower because of having one hand, more so than being a woman”. 

Overcoming many hurdles from the early days of raids, to medical cannabis, and finally Adult-Use — Ventoso Farms has found success transitioning to the regulated market. “With members of our farm having identities that intersect with various marginalized and oppressed groups — women, queer folks, people of color, people with one hand — we often have to do a lot of teaching and emotional labor to work toward barrier-breaking, simply in order to do our work. Identity, gender, and sexuality — these are complex matrices, not just boxes to check and not ones without overlap. Additionally, there are many more pressing and life-threatening issues for LGBTQ+ folks other than barriers in the cannabis industry — such as safety and equal access to medical care.”

Tuff-n-TenderGrass (@tuff.n.tendergrass)
Tuff-n-Tendergrass’ big and beautiful, sun-grown, plants feature unique genetics bred in-house on the farm in Mendocino County. 

Founder, Joe Tullgren, has been growing cannabis for 14 years, after moving to Mendocino County and falling in love with nature, and the wild west feel of the cannabis industry. Tullgren shares concerns about how the industry has changed with the push to regulation and emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion. “I’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to employ members of my own community, especially when their queerness or otherness may have made employment a challenge for them in another setting. We do our best to lift folks up, both individually and collectively.”

Tullgren is also quick to note that the LGBTQ+ community was instrumental in establishing the legal cannabis industry in California, and beyond. “It’s our uniqueness that lets us shine and thrive, but also gets us excluded and disenfranchised at times. I think our greatest opportunity to break down barriers is by sharing the plant. With cannabis, we all share a common thread — our love of this medicine, this herb. It provides a chance to form a common bond.”

Blueberry Muffin or Magic Melon 1 gram pre-rolls retail for $10 each and are available starting June 8 in Los Angeles at Sweet Flower, in San Diego at Mankind Dispensary, in San Francisco at Mission Organic Inc. and across California at other Lowell fine retailers.

About Lowell Herb Co.

Lowell Herb Co. has elevated the perception of cannabis consumption with its sophisticated packaging and best-selling products. Based in California, Lowell Herb Co.’s ethos is reflected through its instantly recognizable bull logo that pays homage to the fight against cannabis prohibition.

For more information, visit and follow on Instagram @lowellfarms

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