Lume Cannabis Co. Suspension Upheld In Adrian MI

The use of the word cannabis is a violation of the city’s marijuana ordinance

A marijuana dispensary on South Main Street in Adrian will remain closed for the duration of its permit suspension.

Lume Cannabis Co.’s medical marijuana permit was suspended on Feb. 17 after it violated the city’s marijuana ordinance for a second time. The dispensary was shut down the same day after it held its grand opening weekend just days prior.

Lume, 738 S. Main St., was sited for its first infraction on Feb. 3 after it erected two signs on its property — one at the street, the other on the building. The rectangular purple and gold sign along Main Street said “Lume. Cannabis Co.”

The use of the word cannabis is a violation of the city’s marijuana ordinance, which prohibits the use of “marihuana, cannabis and any other words used or intended to convey the presence or availability of marihuana,” outside the facility.

Additionally, the signs were put up without a city permit. Permits were obtained and the cannabis-worded sign was replaced two days later.

John Abbo, counsel for Lume, told the Adrian City Commission Monday their contractor did not obtain the proper permits. He also admitted they should have known, as well.

“We take full responsibility for that, but it was partially the fault of the contractor,” he said.

Had a permit been obtained with the city, it would have prevented Lume from being cited for wording of the sign because it would not have been approved.

Lume representatives, along with city attorney Tamaris Henagan, appeared in front of the commission for an appeal hearing. Lume argued for their suspension to be lifted.

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