Luxury Vape Brand Kurvana Leads The Way In Experiential Cannabis Marketing

More and more brands are attempting to break through

Cannabis is poses a unique challenge for marketers. On one hand you have an industry that’s growing by leaps and bounds, one that presents almost hyperbolic profit margins, especially if you’re in the CBD biz. On the other hand you have an industry that’s ensnared in endless red tape. Unable to advertise on platforms like Google AdWords or Instagram, cannabis companies are turning to increasingly more creative solutions to get their name out there.

One of the most promising solutions in this respect is experiential marketing. Savvy cannabis brands across America are now hoping to capture consumers’ hearts by placing them in the midst of unique, new immersive cannabis experiences—a win win for brands and consumers alike.

The premium vape company Kurvana is one of those few cannabis brands leading the way in experiential marketing. They’re aiming to change the way we view cannabis, shifting the lens of perception away from cannabis as “bud” to something infinitely more luxurious.

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