Maine Currently Has No Recreational Marijuana Testing Facility

The state is still months away from recreational cannabis sales

According to the Office of Marijuana Policy, Maine is months away from recreational marijuana sales.

“We’re expecting stores to start opening up in late Spring,” Office of Marijuana Director of Engagement and Community Outreach Policy David Heidrich said. “Definitely by July.”

In total, the state department has received 93 store applications, with about 80 of them currently being reviewed for a conditional license.

Heidrich says that recreational marijuana is required to be tested by state law before it can go to stores.

“In our adult use program there is a section of the statue that requires mandatory testing of all marijuana products,” Heidrich said. “For medical products, it’s on a voluntary basis.”

He says currently there are six testing facilities for medical marijuana, but says the state doesn’t have any recreational testing facilities.

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