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Making The Most Out Of Your Dispensary On Halloween Night

Make sure your retail store is ready for the spookiest holiday of the year

Cannabis consumers love any reason to celebrate, with the spooky fun of Halloween setting the perfect tone for cannabis purchases that will carry them through the holiday.

Halloween is an excellent time to promote your dispensary and get as many people through your door with a fun Halloween twist on your every day operations. The fun spirit of Halloween, the promise of exclusive deals, products they have never seen before, and retail strategies that benefit the community outside the doors of your store will make Halloween feel a bit different than any other day.

We’re nearing Halloween; here’s some tips to get your dispensary Halloween ready to make the most of the day and spookiness of the season:


Decorate and Be Prepared to Dress Up

There’s a fine line between tacky and tasteful when it comes to Halloween decorations; dress your store in style while keeping the overall look and feel of your store apparent.

Engage your retail staff in dressing up. One fun idea is to have them dress up as certain strains to have people guess their costume. Agent Orange, Granddaddy Purple, Obama Kush, Strawberry Cough… the possibilities are endless when you put a little creativity into it!


Trick or Treat

Everyone who uses cannabis appreciates a good munchie, and everyone in the world always loves accessing their inner child.

Bring the spirit of Halloween into your dispensary by offering a (healthy, if possible) munchies bar where people can help themselves to old favorites while they browse.


Grab Bags

Everyone loves a little surprise and likes to feel like that kid opening up their loot on Halloween. Why not assemble a grab bag of a few different strains of cannabis and some small accessories to give your customer to gift of a treat on Halloween?

Make sure you have something for everyone, including for sativa or indica preferences.


Offer Exclusive Halloween Promotions

Customers get excited by the feeling of exclusivity, which is something we’ve always highlighted as one of the biggest elements to the art of the upsell. Hold an exclusive Devil’s Night deal leading up to the big day for Loyalty Members where they will get an extra $20 off their purchase.

Of course, consumers are all over a well-priced ounce – offer pricing on a few select strains that will be sure to be door-crashing.

Special events like Halloween are excellent times to unveil new products. Think about having a fun product launch on this day by inviting brand representatives into your store and offering an exclusive Halloween first-to-buy discount on this day.


Create Extra Incentives to Sign Up to Your Loyalty Program

In the long run, it’s cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to spend time acquiring a new one. Halloween night offers a perfect chance not only to get people through your door, but to also sign them up for your Loyalty Program.

When designing loyalty programs, it’s important that your customer can see the long-term benefits of signing up, beyond just getting a discount off their first purchase or something free as a loyalty member.

Show them the benefits of signing up now, and how their signing up will be instantly gratifying, such as gifts or discounts that will be offered in subsequent visits, special “loyalty program members only” offers, or invitations to imminent events that will give them that feeling of exclusivity when signing up.

In order to get your return on investment on your Loyalty Program, the benefits to the customer must extend past the first visit, while the program needs designing so that the customer has incentives and reasons to come back.


Extend Your Charitable Arm

Halloween marks the transition into the colder seasons as well as the imminent holiday season; why not use Halloween night to give back to your community, extend a charitable arm, and fulfill your corporate social responsibility duties?

Think about timely donations that your community would benefit from receiving. This is a perfect time for a winter coat or mittens drive, for instance, if you live in a cold area. Drives can be advertised well in advanced and supported by a customer incentive like 20% off your purchase with a donation of a gently used or new winter coat.

You can also start a raffle within your store for customers to purchase tickets to go towards a local charity, where they’ll be entered in for a draw to win a new ornate glass bong, or up to 50% off their next purchase.

Offer to match customer donations to make a true dent in your community engagement strategy and show customers that you’re just as dedicated to helping where you can as they are.


Be Creative!

Events like Halloween give you and your customer the opportunity to have fun while increasing their engagement. Have an open mind, be unique, and take advantage of the spookiness of the season by creating retail strategies that have people coming through your door, time and time again.


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