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Marketing A Marijuana Dispensary: How To Stand Out

Here are 4 tips for marketing a marijuana dispensary

There are nearly 10,000 cannabis dispensaries in the United States, with new stores popping up all the time. While some will stand the test of time, many will inevitably be just a footnote in history. Customers use a range of factors to decide which dispensaries to visit- and which to avoid. Lets first talk about one of the biggest factors for any cannabis retailer: social interaction.

Leverage Social Networks: Interact with your Customers

The way that customers interact with your employees can be a deciding factor in your company’s longevity. It not only builds familiarity and trust in your brand but can be a huge driving force in promoting sustainably consistent sales. Perhaps most importantly, it can be an incredible tool to let people know that your dispensary exists! (Because if people have no idea that you are even an option, how can they choose you?) A great way to make a positive impact in your community and help gain traction is through community outreach. It can be as simple as hosting a bbq or becoming a sponsor of a cannabis conference or event. Some other good options to meet and greet could be to do a canned food drive or even throw a concert.

Solidify a Brand Design & Strategy ASAP

Through effective and consistent branding, you create the first impression of your dispensary. This sets the tone for the all future interactions with your company and gives the public something other than your name to remember you by. Branding will also create an expectation of the quality of product or service you provide and help draw in your target audience. If you need any more reasons to properly brand your dispensary, I suggest reading this list of effects that good branding has on cannabis businesses.

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