Medical Marijuana Headed To Mississippi Ballots In November

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 Among other big decisions coming up in November, medical marijuana will also be on the ballot in Mississippi.

Initiative 65 proposes to amend the Mississippi constitution to allow qualified patients with medical conditions, certified by licensed physicians, to use medical marijuana.

Edward Langton is on the board of directors with the Mississippi State Department of Health. He said this is the wrong approach.

“There’s never been medical cola, medical marijuana, medical whatever put in the constitution of the state of Mississippi. Once something is put in the constitution like this it takes away management by our elected officials, and our state laws because it overrides that and would take another initiative to try and correct the ills that this amendment has,” Langton said.

“Wealthy millionaires are trying to establish a new industry, a cartel in Mississippi for marijuana. That’s basically what it boils down to. When people spend $3 million, you can’t say they woke up that morning to be compassionate and provide something medical for people, to make them better.”

A yes vote for the initiative would then force the voter to select Initiative 65 or 65A. Of the two options, one lays out more regulations than the other.

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