MedMen Appeals City Of South Lake Tahoe Cannabis Business Evaluations

They felt the applicants who won should have been disqualified

A cannabis business that fell short in the application process to operate a retail store in the city is contesting the results, arguing the selection process was unfair and the top three finalists should be disqualified.

In its appeal filed with the city, MedMen Enterprises Inc. makes two different arguments that the company says should disqualify the three finalists from obtaining development agreements needed to establish a retail cannabis business in the city.

Argument one states that two of the top scoring applicants were unqualified to apply because of their participation in a cannabis subcommittee that helped craft the city’s regulations.

Argument two alleges that all three of the finalists made false statements in their applications, which should disqualify them.

All three of the applicants declined to comment on the appeal when contacted by the Tribune. Under the city’s appeal process, they have five business days to file formal responses with the city.

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