MedMen In Jeopardy Of Being Kicked Out Of Pasadena’s Cannabis Process

The city has determined that material control of the company has changed

Pasadena Now has learned that MME Retail, also known as MedMen, could lose the right to move forward in the city’s cannabis process.

According to a July 1 letter signed by Assistant City Manager Nicholas Rodriguez and obtained by Pasadena Now, the city has determined that material control of the company has changed due to turnover within the organization.

At least seven officials listed in MedMen’s initial January 2019 application as owners or key staff, have left MedMen, a change in ownership and/or management is not allowed and is considered material where it constitutes a “change of control,” according to the city’s process.

“The City Manager has reviewed the allegations and evidence regarding MedMen’s change of ownership and/or management, and believes that the changes at MedMen appear to be material and to rise to the level of a change of control,” the letter states.

The company has 10 days to prove it remains under the control of the people listed on its application.

According to the process, it was made clear during the process that the evaluation and final interview was to be of the actual team to be working in Pasadena.

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