MedMen’s CEO Responds To South Park’s Brutal Parody: ‘Humbled To Be Considered The Most Culturally Relevant Cannabis Brand’

Adam Bierman plans to “see what Tegridy Farms has been up to”

“You wanna witness some real actual history?” – a video from South Park Studios prompts, as it shows the Founding Fathers of the United States of America surrounded by hemp plants. “Back in the day George and a few of the Founding Fathers did have hemp farms – cause’ they knew the meaning of hard work and integrity.

“But then our country did lose its way; and began a War on Drugs that was, and still is, just a war on people,” the narrator goes on, as the video features people being brutally abused by the police.

“And then a bunch of young corporate banker types come along telling us we’re all in the ‘new normal,’ as they try and turn God’s green miracle into an easy buck for themselves.”

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