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Meet THC-A Crystalline

THC-A Crystalline is believed to be the purest form of a concentrate

What’s white, crystalline, and goes for $200 a gram in California dispensaries? The answer is the newest craze taking the cannabis concentrates world by storm. Meet THC-A Crystalline, the purest hash on the planet.

In fact, THC-A Crystalline is believed to be the purest form of a concentrate that’s scientifically able to be made. And that means its THC content is an incredible 99.9%, pure THC.


Pure THC-A Crystalline Structure

While most other cannabis concentrates range in the vicinity of 50 to 80% THC (that’s still incredibly potent). Especially when you consider that the strongest marijuana flower is between 25-30% THC.
Ice hash, rosin, and butane hash oil (or BHO) are the usual suspects when it comes to cannabis concentrates. And they have steadily gained in popularity amongst medical and recreational consumers since legalization.
“Dabbing,” the process of vaporizing and inhaling marijuana concentrates, is a verifiable trend. Dabbing culture has spawned entire sub-markets of specially designed dab rigs, devices, and concentrate variations.


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