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Merchandising And Display: How To Showcase What You Sell

Overhaul your store displays by incorporating some of the following tips

They say to not judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately, when it comes to products they’ll buy, customers always are first drawn in by the way something looks. It’s a visual world, and effective advertising of your in-store products relies on engaging all the senses of your customer.

Merchandising and display is an art and science, balancing both an understanding of strong aesthetic and consumer behaviors based on what you know about your potential customer.

You put a lot of investment into bringing products and accessories that you aim to gain a profit from. The manufacturer of the products has already done the job of making the product an appealing one, but it’s your job to entice customers in your dispensary to buy it.

Do a bit of an overhaul on your store displays by incorporating some of the following tips:

Choose Your Style & Stick To It

Metal, glass, wood, steel, marble, teak, or granite, however you choose to have your permanent displays in your store should be consistent. When you look at some of the best-designed dispensaries in the country, they have a consistent aesthetic that carries through all their displays throughout the store. For instance, Paper and Leaf in Bainbridge Island, Washington has created display cases out of repurposed wood and glass. San Francisco’s the Apothecarium takes the vintage feel of a late 19th-century apothecary with display carts that look like those you’d see in the days of corner-store apothecaries.

Display Items At Different Levels

The risk of products fading to oblivion gets higher when they’re consistently placed at the same level. Use different heights of shelving, tables, and displays that will have your products sitting at varying levels. Try to avoid placing your merchandise on giant tables that people will have to lean over, and opt for more vertical displays where people can easily access what they want to check out.

Empty vs. Clutter

When starting out especially, it’s important to have a balance of empty vs clutter, where your store doesn’t look sterile or uninviting with empty shelves, nor does it have so much clutter that it’s difficult to see individual products stand out. This is where balance is important: stand back at your displays and see whether the way products are placed is balanced across areas, walls, corners of your store, and most importantly, across the entire store as a whole. Re-arrange where necessary to ensure there’s flow.

Create Clearly Defined Areas

Shoppers at cannabis retail stores can be overwhelmed by the array of products available between the cannabis itself and the accessories displayed. Create clearly defined areas within your store that demonstrate to the shopper exactly where they are and what product category they’re being exposed to. For instance, separate your smoking accessories from your topicals, and your edibles from your beauty products, with a logical flow that will thoroughly introduce your customer to a product category.

Use Color Intentionally

People are drawn to color, whether it’s using all types of tones to create a rainbow mosaic of products, or concentrating a specific area in one color so that it draws certain eyes in. Color is something that can engage emotion and entice someone towards a specific action. An example is using color around the holidays: green for St. Patrick’s Day; red, white and blue for the 4th of July; warm earth tones for Thanksgiving, and so on. Color association is a powerful tool for consumers, and when they’re in festive spirits, they can be enticed by the colors that surround that time of year. Also, be astute to different causes like yellow for Cancer Awareness and Pink for Breast Cancer when showcasing products during health and causes awareness months.

Make Something Old New Again

Making something old new again with a creative flair and new utility. Retail stores both in and outside the cannabis space are finding interesting ways to place their products in the view of their customers by breathing new life into old furniture and items. From using an antique vanity to display beauty products, to upcycling logs to create seating for a cannabis education station, you can likely find something more unique and useful in an antique store or on Craigslist than you’ll ever find in a store merchandiser’s catalog.

Engage The Senses

Display cases usually promote the “hands off” kind of vibe. Don’t limit your customers’ experience to just looking at your products. Engage all the senses in your display. Place products at waist level so they can be picked up, touched, smelled, and looked up at close when deciding to make a purchase. Have sample products where possible so that people can try before they buy, especially for topicals or beauty products.

Display media is also growing within the cannabis space with 63% recently saying that display media draws their attention. Give them a feast for their eyes and senses with entertaining and educational digital display content they can interact with and induce them into buying the product.

Embrace The Power Of First Impressions

People are quick to judge and build an opinion quickly. Take advantage of the seconds you have to show someone why you have products they want to buy. Be intentional about the way you display things so to increase the engagement of your customer with the products you offer. Embrace the art and science of merchandising in your dispensary and be on your way to increased sales.

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