Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales Increased 29% In January

The continued growth will pump $1.63 million into the state from tax revenue

Michigan released its latest monthly marijuana industry statistical report for the month of January.

As expected, recreational marijuana sales continued to grow at a brisk pace in January, the latest monthly sales figures show.

Recreational sales hit $9.8 million, compared to nearly $7 million in December, the first full month of recreational sales, which began Dec. 1.

The state for January will collect about $1.63 million in recreational marijuana tax revenue, $980,000 from the 10% excise tax and $646,800 in sales tax.

The first $20 million for the first two years after recreational marijuana sales begin is slated to be spent on research for marijuana use in health care. The breakdown of the remainder is: 15% to cities, townships or villages that allow recreational business, proportioned based on the number of micro-businesses and retailers; 15% to counties, proportioned based on the number of micro-businesses and retailers; 35% to the School Aid Fund for K-12 education and 35% to the Michigan Transportation Fund for road and bridge repair.

Medical marijuana sales increased slightly, from $24.9 million in December to $25.2 million in January.

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