Michigan Regulators May Allow Unlicensed Cannabis Businesses To Reopen

The announcement came yesterday from the executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association

The state of Michigan may soon allow closed medical marijuana dispensaries without a license to reopen.

More than half the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries were forced to close earlier this month because of licensing issues. The result of the closures has been a shortage of medical marijuana products.   Even licensed dispensaries have had problems stocking enough products to meet demand.

“With almost no access to medicine right now, we need solutions to be put in place immediately that allow patients to access their medical marijuana,” said Robin Schneider, the executive director of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association. She made the comment at a news conference Tuesday.

But late Tuesday, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) announced that it will ask the state Medical Marihuana Licensing Board (MMLB) on Wednesday to adopt a resolution to allow dozens of dispensaries to reopen.

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