Missouri Posts Final Rules For Medical Cannabis

The rules and applications aren’t permanent and will remain through February

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the department tasked with regulating the industry, posted final rules on the department’s website Friday, a move long awaited by people hoping to use, make or sell medical marijuana and related products. The rules take effect June 3, a day before the deadline by which the department was required by law to finalize its regulations.

Voters approved Amendment 2 in November, making Missouri the 33rd state to legalize marijuana for medical purposes and starting a stampede of business owners looking to capitalize on the new market. Sales of the various forms of the products are to start early next year and are expected to top $100 million by 2025. Tax proceeds and licensing fees are supposed to go into a newly created veterans health care fund, and are expected to generate about $20 million per year.

The rules posted Friday reflect changes made since the state published draft versions of the rules beginning in March and asked for public input. DSS received more than 500 comments with feedback, spokeswoman Lisa Cox said. 

The rules and applications aren’t permanent. They will remain in effect through February, when they can be changed as necessary, or based on feedback, Cox said. The department will accept further public comment on the rules in July and hold a public hearing. 

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