Mondo Meds Launches First-Ever Cannabis Dust

Mondo is an ingestible organic powder for daytime use

Los Angeles—Mondo Meds announced today the launch of Mondo, an all-natural dissolving edible cannabis powder. A tapioca-based powder, Mondo can be added to food, drink or ingested alone.


Packaged in a 4oz glass jar, Mondo contains 200 mg of THC and an easy-to-use measuring spoon allowing patients to dose 5 mg at a time. Mondo’s primary focus is long term patient health, something founder Emily O’Brien credits as the catalyst to creating the product.


“One in 6 women in the United States are prescribed psychiatric medicine for anxiety, depression and ADHD. Xanax is prescribed as a daily medicine, rather than the rescue drug it is intended for,” says O’Brien. “These pharmaceutical drugs have devastating long term effects, and I am looking to mitigate them through microdosing THC and CBD.”


O’Brien wanted to create a product that was approachable for those inexperienced with cannabis. Her goal was to create a product both easy to control with a pleasant flavor.  With only a 10-minute uptake into the system, patients can easily start low and go slow, titrating their perfect dose.



Mondo has a delicate taste and light consistency similar to triple sifted baking flour. The dust was created with the intention of being able to seamlessly mask itself into any food or drink.  Patients can expect to enjoy their food without being overwhelmed by a cannabis aftertaste.


Mondo uses the strain Blue Flowers. The strain is known for creating a sense of calm among patients while stimulating cerebral activity. Mondo allows patients to use cannabis in a productive manner, providing anxiety relief without intoxication.


Mondo ingredients originate from a single source organic farmer and is free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. The THC is suspended in an emulsification of non-GMO maltodextrin and two Certified Organic ingredients: coconut oil and cacao butter.


In addition to Mondo Meds’ flagship product, the company offers Mondo-infused matcha tea services for parties and events. Serviced by O’Brien, the matcha tea bar is available upon request to clients throughout the state of California.


Mondo retails for $40 and is currently exclusively sold at 14 dispensaries throughout California. For more information on Mondo Meds visit


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