N.J. Lawmakers Are Now Discussing A Plan B For Legal Cannabis

It could jeopardize legalization efforts as the bills progress

From the early days of legalization talk in New Jersey last year, the legal weed bill has been joined at the hip with a bill to expand medical marijuana in the state.

The idea has been that the broad support enjoyed by medical marijuana could help lawmakers pass legalization at the same time.

But this could now change as the glue binding the two bills is showing its first signs of cracking.

Three sources in the legislature have told NJ Cannabis Insider that discussions have started on separating the medical and legalization bills and considering them alone.

Two of those sources, who asked not to be identified because they hadn’t been authorized to speak about the situation, said that Plan A is still to pass the bills together. Lawmakers wanted to leverage the support of medical marijuana into the passage of adult-use cannabis. Unbinding the bills is a backup plan, they said.

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