Nevada Closes Cannabis Test Lab, Issues Product Warning

High levels of mold, yeast, bacteria and fungus were found

Nevada state officials have closed a marijuana testing laboratory and issued a public health warning about tainted strains of cannabis products sold at retail and medical dispensaries in the Las Vegas area, Mesquite and Carson City.

The state Department of Taxation said in a Friday notice there were no reports of illness, but that high levels of mold, yeast, bacteria and fungus were found in some products tested at the Cannex Nevada lab in Las Vegas.

The department said people with suppressed immune systems were most at-risk of illness.

The advisory listed batch and lot numbers and dispensaries by name. It advised consumers not to consume products named Island OG, Lemon Meringue, THC Bomb and Zombie Kush sold in raw cannabis and pre-rolled packages.

It said products that failed secondary microbial testing by an independent lab were being sent for additional testing at a third lab under state oversight.

Officials said they had no reason to believe that the dispensaries or cultivators knew the products were tainted.

The advisory was the third issued this year by the department overseeing the state’s lucrative marijuana market.

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