Nevada Governor Responds To Cannabis Injection Ruling

It wasn’t immediately clear which, or how many, licensees are affected

Gov. Steve Sisolak’s office issued a statement noting that the flawed process predated his term in office, and highlighting legislation he spearheaded to ramp up the regulatory framework.

“The certificates in question were awarded in December of 2018 based on processes and procedures put into place before Governor Sisolak took office,” the statement said. “At the start of the Governor’s first term, he announced a complete overhaul of the marijuana regulatory system in Nevada.”

Sisolak noted that the agency brought on a new director at the beginning of the year — Young — and that he signed a bill that removes confidentiality provisions on certain marijuana license application data. He also pointed to another bill he signed, AB533, which calls for the creation of a new Cannabis Compliance Board to regulate the industry that is modeled after the Nevada Gaming Control Board. 

“The Governor looks forward to providing updates in the near future on the transfer of oversight of Nevada’s regulatory marijuana system from the [Department of Taxation’s] Marijuana Enforcement Division to the Cannabis Compliance Board,” his office said in a statement.

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