New Analysis Could Invite A Federal Crackdown On California Marijuana

California produced 13.5 million lbs of mj but it only consumed 2.5 million lbs

A recent analysis commissioned by the state of California’s Department of Food and Agriculture could be an invitation for federal intervention into the state’s marijuana industry. The in-state analysis found that although California produced around 13.5 million pounds of weed last year, it only consumed 2.5 million pounds. The remaining 11 million pounds of marijuana is suggested to have left the state.

Giving credence to those notions, during a two-day stretch in August, highway troopers in Texas seized $2.5 million worth of pot. The vehicles they searched had 430 pounds of weed on board and had come from California. The gap, along with a perceived lack of oversight, could lead U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to go after legally operating medical and recreational businesses operating within California.

What it means for retail: This is a serious issue for California, and the state is trying to produce rules and regulations that would assuage any fears from the Federal Government. If the state is able to show that it can regulate the marijuana market and end the leakage into states where it is still illegal, the federal government will hopefully continue to stay away.

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