New Mexico Governor Announces Ambitious Legislative Agenda

The agenda includes legalizing recreational cannabis

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced an ambitious legislative agenda that includes initiatives for tuition-free college, legalization of recreational cannabis and public safety reforms that respond to mass shootings and terrorism, in a news release Wednesday.

The Democratic governor has broad discretion over what policy issues and bills can be heard during the 30-day legislative session starting Jan. 21. Democrats hold majorities in the state House and Senate. Short sessions in even-numbered years traditionally revolve around budget matters and select policy initiatives.

Lujan Grisham signaled that she’ll allow bills that would reinstate New Mexico’s tax credit for rooftop solar panels, facilitating pharmaceutical imports from Canada and criminalizing terrorist-related threats and conduct.

She confirmed her already vocal support for initiatives to provide tuition-free college to about 55,000 New Mexico residents, shore up a public pension fund for government workers overseen by the Public Employees Retirement Association, authorize recreational marijuana sales and adopt so-called red flag gun legislation that allows for temporary firearms seizures at the request of family members or law enforcement officials.

Lujan Grisham also placed on the agenda a proposal for a trust fund for early childhood education services that pays out dividends on investments.

“These proposals are investments in the present well-being and future success of students, workers, kids and parents all across New Mexico,” the governor added. “These are quality-of-life initiatives I am proud to introduce and support.”

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