New Recreational Marijuana Ballot Measure Proposal Unveiled In ND

13,452 valid signatures would again have to be gathered

The group promoting the legalization of recreational marijuana in North Dakota has released its new version of a ballot measure they hope to put to voters in the fall of 2020.

David Owen, leader of Legalize ND and Grand Forks resident, said the measure addresses some of the concerns their group heard after the 2018 measure was defeated by state voters by a 59% to 41% margin.

The new proposal, which will be reviewed for the next two weeks by its sponsoring committee of 25 state residents and then voted on, will put limits on possession of marijuana, ban the growing of marijuana by residents and establish an excise tax of 10 percent on marijuana sold at regulated and licensed retail stores.

Owen said many thought the last ballot measure was “too vague” and failed to provide enough regulations. The new 20-page proposal, written by West Fargo criminal defense lawyer Scott Brand, is a combination of regulations drawn from recreational marijuana measures approved so far in 11 states.

Although the ballot measure won’t be 20 pages, Owen said a summary would be written by Secretary of State Al Jaeger’s office. He added that residents would have more than a year to read and see what was all included in the new measure.

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