New York City To Start Fining Restaurants That Use CBD In Food And Drinks

The NYC Health Department banned restaurants from selling CBD-laced products in January

The New York City Department of Health is planning to step up its campaign against restaurants that sell CBD-laced food and drinks by issuing violations “subject to fines” to companies that continue to offer the cannabis compound.

Starting Oct. 1, 2019, the health department will begin doling out infractions to food service establishments for offering food or drink containing cannabidiol, according to an email regulators sent to local business owners this week that was obtained and confirmed by CNBC. The regulators’ email to businesses said that in addition to fines the violations could affect a restaurant’s letter grade, but the department did not immediately confirm that part of the email to CNBC.

Bars, cafes and restaurants around the city have been adding cannabidiol to cocktails, coffee and food. The compound, which comes from the family of cannabis plants, promises to deliver the calming benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high that comes from THC.

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