Nitrogen Sealing Comes To Cannabis

It prevents molding and oxidation of the product

As more states legalize cannabis, retailers are looking for new and better ways to package and sell the product. The two mainstays are plastic containers and glass jars. Plastic is cost-effective, while glass jars provide a premium feel; but exposing cannabis to oxygen and light immediately causes deterioration. Oxidation accelerates the growth of molds, yeast, and other harmful bacteria that could prove dangerous if smoked. To combat this, some retailers are looking to canning with a nitrogen-sealing process for their packaging needs. Nitrogen-sealing has been used for years to package food, preserving freshness and allowing for longer transport and extended shelf life. The nitrogen-sealing process hasn’t been widely adopted in the cannabis industry just yet, but a handful of brands are getting ahead of the wave and canning their cannabis. Consumers will like the increased freshness, while growers will love the fact that their harvest can be preserved over a long period of time.

What it means for retail: Nitrogen sealing is going to give marijuana a longer shelf life, and many consumers will enjoy the increased freshness, and knowledge that their cannabis is coming straight off the stem into the package they are holding. This is another innovation that is making its way into the marijuana industry, helping it grow and adding more and more retail sales to the ledger.

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