Oklahoma Bill Affecting Medical Cannabis Tax Structure Survives House Cuts

Senate Bill 1030 would lower the state excise and sales tax

A key piece of medical marijuana legislation survived the cut Thursday on the final day non-appropriation Senate bills could get third reading in the House of Representatives.

Those failing to get House approval by the final gavel Thursday afternoon are done for this session.

Senate Bill 1030, by Sen. Lonnie Paxton, R-Tuttle, is a much written-and-rewritten bill that sets the framework for municipal enforcement of the state’s medical marijuana laws. Its many provisions include instructions on how local law enforcement are to handle drivers in possession of marijuana without their medical marijuana licenses and limits on local zoning laws.

The bill also changes the tax structure for medical marijuana to eliminate most of the state sales tax on products. The 7% excise tax would be lowered to 6% and the 4.5% state sales tax to 1%. This gives local governments more room to add their own taxes.

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