OLCC Hits Cura Partners With Record Cannabis Fine

OLCC investigators discovered the labeling problems in early November

Cura Partners Inc. on Thursday paid a record $110,000 fine to Oregon cannabis regulators, clearing the way for the close of the Portland company’s long-pending acquisition — a deal likely to be worth at least $350 million — perhaps as soon as Friday.

The fine came in a stipulated settlement with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission in which Cura admitted to mislabeling 186,152 units, including the Select brand vape products that made it attractive to Curaleaf Holdings, the Massachusetts company set to acquire Cura.

Some of the products failed to note they contained botanical terpenes, considered a flavoring agent distinct from cannabis-derived terpenes, and violated a state ban on flavored THC vapes that was in place for several weeks last fall, although most moved through the market well before then.

Some products also didn’t reveal the addition of MCT oil, commonly used in vape products.

OLCC investigators discovered the labeling problems in early November, while the flavor ban was in place. Even as the company was in discussions with the OLCC over the issue, Cura posted on Instagram that its “flagship Select Elite uses only cannabis distillate and cannabis terpenes.”

This led to a $10,000 fine for misrepresentation, to go along with the $100,000 fine for mislabeling.

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