OLCC Proposes New Rules For Recreational Cannabis

Anyone interested in commenting on the proposed rules has until 5 p.m. Nov. 30

In an attempt to rein in the industry, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will be reviewing rule changes that range from a single word to barring medical growers from changing their licenses to recreational if there is a glut of cannabis.

In the three years since recreational cannabis became legal, the market has undergone changes as it matures, and the proposed rule amendments reflect changes suggested by lawmakers, the OLCC and the industry. The current spate of changes are designed to address diversion from the legal market to the black market, hemp growers, the handling of cannabis that needs to be destroyed because of pests or pesticides, lowering the amount medical card holders can purchase each day and how long companies must hold onto video of their operations, said Bryant Haley, OLCC rules coordinator.

“I appreciate the amendments,” said Marissa Rodriguez, a compliance officer with The Sweet Life, a wholesale distribution firm in Portland. “It feels like the OLCC is really listening to us in the industry and trying to make adjustments to mature the rules. They have to make rules because of the Legislature changes every year. They have to be very nimble. We’re still early in the industry.”


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