One-Third Of Canadian Cannabis Users Can’t Remember Brands They’ve Bought

50% of the respondents also didn’t know what dosage they preferred

This is set to be an exciting year for the Canadian cannabis industry, but there are still several hurdles the fledgling industry must overcome if it is to live up to pre-legalization hype.

According to data from Brightfield Group’s January 2020 Canadian Cannabis report, one-third of Canadian cannabis consumers were unsure which brands they were purchasing and 50% didn’t know what dosage they preferred in 2019.

The survey data illuminates two problems the government, licensed cannabis producers, sellers, and consumers have experienced since legalization.

“Regulations were so extensive that few brands or products were able to gain traction among customers,” the report states.

“Most consumers are transitioning from the illicit to legal market,” Bethany Gomez, managing director at Brightfield Group, told The Toronto Sun, noting many cannabis companies have terrible brand recognition among consumers because of federal mandated “marketing restrictions.”

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