Opening Of Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Falling Further Behind Schedule

Less than half of the states projected dispensaries have opened

It looks like it’ll take longer than expected to open the rest of Ohio’s medical marijuana dispensaries.

There are projected to be 56 dispensaries in the state of Ohio. So far, 20 dispensaries have opened.

To many medical marijuana patients, it seems like it is taking forever for Strawberry Fields to begin operating. The Monroe, Ohio, store is still hiring, training and cleaning.

The hoped-for June opening has been pushed back to August.

Jimmy Gould, chairman of CannAscend, told us in a written statement:

“We are in the process of finalizing pre-inspection then all training and then final inspection in order to receive our CO. August is the planned opening for Monroe once we clear final inspections in late July. Everyone, including the Board of Pharmacy, is working their tails off to get open as quickly and properly, as that is what we all want for the patients, for ourselves and for the State of Ohio. Yes, there are lots of moving parts and many regulatory hurdles to get over in order to get everything to function perfectly. We are very close and we in particular have spent over six years with few others to bring this relief to the many patients of Ohio and to help build out a new and invaluable industry for the State of Ohio.”

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