Oregon Pot Businesses Struggle To Stay Afloat Amid Surplus

“There isn’t anybody out here who’s not struggling to get through this time”

Friday was April 20, a day celebrated by many recreational marijuana users. But this year, the celebration was overshadowed by a challenge facing a growing number of recreational marijuana dispensaries—a surplus of Oregon-grown cannabis, and a reduction of its retail value. According to state records, Oregon farmers grew three times more cannabis than customers bought last year, as first reported by Willamette Week. “Farmers are hardest hit now,” said Kim. “They’re not able to cover their overhead.”

Kim said her store’s survival is rooted in the bud they grow themselves, high standards and customer service. She’s also focused on selling a higher volume of bud at lower prices to stay on par with last year’s profits. Despite those efforts, she said the surplus is still impacting her business. “I’ve had to cut some employees,” said Kim. “We’re all struggling. I would say there isn’t anybody out here who’s not struggling to get through this time.”


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