Oregon Restricts Medical Marijuana Purchases

The new limit is 1 ounce per day

Spotting a potential source of leaks to the black market, Oregon marijuana regulators decided this week to drastically lower the daily purchase limit for consumers in the medical program.

Medical cardholders may buy 1 ounce of marijuana flower per day, instead of 24 ounces, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission announced late Thursday.

The rule was prompted by a pattern of suspicious activity and will be in effect through Dec. 27, OLCC spokesman Mark Pettinger said.

“The data analyst noticed it on Tuesday. The attorneys on staff wrote an emergency rule on Wednesday, and it went in front of the OLCC on Thursday,” Pettinger said. “It could be after these investigations move forward and we talk to stakeholders in the medical marijuana community, there is an adjustment. For now we have to tighten it up.”


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