Oregon’s OLCC Will Check Marijuana Worker Permit Compliance Starting Today

Ensure your employees have valid Marijuana Worker Permits

Beginning today, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission will, as part of its regular compliance activity, check to ensure a licensee’s employees have valid Marijuana Worker Permits, according to a press release. OLCC recreational marijuana licensees are required to employ only individuals who possess an approved Marijuana Worker Permit, with the exception of OLCC licensed labs or employees whose duties do not include the recording, securing or handling of marijuana. If a licensee is employing an individual without a Marijuana Worker Permit, the licensee will be cited for a Class III violation. Under OLCC Recreational Marijuana Sanctions, a first-time Category III violation can result in a 10-day license suspension or $1,650 fine. In Dec. 2017, the OLCC provided a temporary reprieve to licensees and individuals whose Marijuana Worker Permit status had been delayed due to the backlog of applications. See OLCC Compliance Education Bulletins CE2017-17CE2017-18, and CE2017-19.

The OLCC has processed all Marijuana Worker Permit applications submitted up to Jan. 31, 2018.

Who CAN work for licensees?

• Employees who have an approved and active marijuana worker permit.

Who CANNOT continue to work for a licensee?

Employees cannot work for recreational marijuana licensees if:

• They have applied for a marijuana worker permit and it has not been approved;

• They have been approved for a marijuana worker permit by OLCC but it is not active because they have not paid the $100 permit fee;

• Their marijuana worker permit has been denied, suspended or revoked, or a denial notice has been issued to the permit applicant.

For OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit applicants 

How do I know if the OLCC has approved my application?

If you have applied for and been approved for a Marijuana Worker Permit by the OLCC you will receive an official email notifying you that there is a change in status (of your application). Upon notification of your change in status, you are required to pay your $100 permit fee.

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