Original Cannabis Cafe Makes Statement Regarding Lowell Herb Co.

The Cannabis Cafe won their historic license as a group of independent partners

The Original Cannabis Cafe is a home to the community and cannabis industry as a whole. The establishment launched with Lowell Herb Co as a sponsor but that partnership ended December 1, 2019 when the business relaunched as Original Cannabis Cafe independent from Lowell Herb Co. 

Moving forward, the Original Cannabis Cafe will have no affiliation with Lowell Herb Co. due in part to their dispute with the State of California over their alleged unlicensed cannabis activities. 

“For business reasons our Cannabis Cafe launched with a corporate sponsor but now we are excited to focus on our goal of presenting our diners with as diverse a range as possible of cannabis from small independent growers and entrepreneurs,” said Executive Chef and Partner, Andrea Drummer. 

The Cannabis Cafe won their historic license as a group of independent partners. Since inception, the cafe has been owned and operated independently by Executive Chef Andrea Drummer and social activist Renee Nahum with the help of  710 Labs, Famous Farms, Mark and Jonnie Houston of Houston Hospitality, Restauranteur Rich Brenner, Cannabis Entrepreneur Courtney Zalewski, Political Activist Sarah Dale and others. The Original Cannabis Cafe is looking forward to 2020 and continues to welcome neighbors and guests through its doors.

The full lawsuit against Lowell Herb Co. can be found HERE

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