Outside Lands Files For Permit To Allow Cannabis Use, Sales

The hope is with approval the festival will prevent illegal sales on site

San Francisco’s Outside Lands is blazing a new trail.

The festival organizers have filed an application with the state’s cannabis office to allow marijuana sales and consumption at Outside Lands, which takes place in Golden Gate Park on Aug. 9-11.

The festival will also seek approval from the city’s cannabis office, which proposed new regulations Wednesday on issuing permits for cannabis events.

If the application is approved, Outside Lands, which had more than 210,000 attendees last year, would become the first festival in San Francisco where attendees can legally light up.

Despite the state’s legalization of recreational use last year, it remains illegal to use cannabis in public. To be sure, it happens, especially in Golden Gate Park, a laissez-faire zone for local law enforcement. In April, a cloud of pot smoke rose over an area known as Hippie Hill, where thousands of people gathered for the informal marijuana holiday called 4/20.

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