PA Cannabis Grower AGRiMed Blasted For Security Lapses, Missing Plants

A surprise inspection found “a flagrant disregard” for regulations

A Pennsylvania medical marijuana grower was ordered to cease harvesting or destroying its crop without state supervision after a surprise inspection found “a flagrant disregard” for regulations, “grossly mismanaged” plants, and possibility that some of those plants had been diverted to the underground market for cannabis.

AGRiMed Industries of PA, LLC, was one of the 12 original growers (and the highest scorer in a fiercely competitive process) awarded a permit in 2017 to produce cannabis for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana patients. Since then, AGRiMed has cultivated plants, but is yet to ship any products to state-sanctioned cannabis dispensaries. The company recently entered into a management service agreement with Arizona-based Harvest Inc to run the grow facility in Western Pennsylvania.

On June 6, a state Health Department inspector arrived unannounced at AGRiMed’s facility in Charmichaels. During the visit, the inspector asked to see the records pertaining to any marijuana grown at the facility and requested access to security videos to establish whether any harvested marijuana had been destroyed.

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