Pennsylvania Relaxes Medical Marijuana Restrictions

The statutory and regulatory suspensions will remain in place

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has instituted a series of temporary actions to assist patients requiring medical marijuana during the coronavirus pandemic. Statutory and regulatory provisions have been temporarily suspended in order to:

  • Allow dispensary employees to provide medical marijuana to a cardholder in their vehicle on the facility’s property;
  • Remove the current cap that limits the number of patients assigned to one caregiver, to allow for more caregivers to patients in need;
  • Eliminate background checks for caregiver applications, limited to renewal applications only, in order to expedite the caregiver renewal process;
  • Waive in-person consultations and allow for remote consultations between approved practitioners and medical marijuana cardholders for renewal certifications only;
  • Waive limits that allow for medical marijuana to only be dispensed for 30 days by requiring approved practitioners to document if they provide a 90-day supply on the patient’s certification.

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