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Picking The Right Products For Your Customers

Stocking the right products for your demographic guarantees the sale

The green rush is booming, with new and innovative cannabis strains, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and accessories hitting the cannabis market every day. For both new and existing customers, too much choice isn’t always a good thing, especially when they’re just looking for the most convenient way to use cannabis as it pertains to their lifestyle and needs.

With a shift to recreational legalization in an already thriving medical cannabis industry, there’s definitely more of a spread of niche users and demographics coming through the stores of dispensaries. With the array of choice in the market, it’s up to the dispensary, and the budtender to help customers find products that suit who they are, what they do, and how they want to use cannabis.

On common indicator for how cannabis is being consumed, that can help drive your sales strategies is demographics. From Millennials, to Generation X, to Baby Boomers and even the Silent Generation, people are flocking to cannabis and are developing trends in consumption patterns that can help dispensary sales.

Here are some ways that you can use demographics as an important indicator for helping your customers choose the right products for them:

Build Your Intel Through Data

Marijuana Retail Report explored the importance of Big Data in cannabis and the value of Information Science in a series of reports that helped users base their sales strategies on their POS, market, and retailer data that is available to them.

Demographics are a strong way to build in-store and marketing strategies that are targeted to niche users within a demographic. The serious studying student, the mom on the go, the mid-career professional needing a boost during their day, the senior citizen looking for relief from arthritis pain, are all amongst the people make up the data that you can collect in-store.

Look into your POS data or your Loyalty Program information to see what your users are buying, and notice the spread of what people are buying in accordance with the demographic they belong to. Use this information as a way to suggest new and common products to people of similar demographics.

Build Your Intel Through Thoughtful Conversations

Your data can only tell you so much, but you’ll want to rely on the power of conversation as well to understand what people are using and how that fits within their demographic.

If you know the soccer mom loves a certain vaporizer pen, suggest that same vaporizer to the busy single father who expresses he needs a boost in his day to get through his daily home tasks. If you have heard a man in his late-60s talking about the effectiveness of topicals for his arthritis pain, share that intel with the woman who complains about back pain and how she is just not feeling as spry in her golden years. If a Millennial talks about a certain topical as being a miracle in helping relieve cramping pain, share that with the woman who shares she is looking for relief from her endometriosis pain.

Be sure to share this intel around your store with your other budtenders so that your dispensary is seen as someone who truly knows your customer.

Ask Critical Questions About Lifestyle

Getting to know your customer via their demographic involves understanding critical features about their lifestyle that will help you recognize where they fit in in order to make proper suggestions.

Ask thoughtful questions about their lifestyle to help you build that intel. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do you prefer using cannabis in the morning, throughout the day, or at night?
  • Will you be wanting something you can use on-the-go?
  • Are you looking for something to help you focus on certain tasks at hand?
  • Do you look for a more mellow or more energetic effect from your cannabis?
  • Do you have any preferred consumption methods?
  • Are you interested in the psychoactive effects of a strain?
  • Have you heard of any of your friends or peers using cannabis for specific purposes?

These thoughtful questions will help you draw out information about their lifestyle that will give you hints into their demographic information. With this knowledge, you can align your suggestions with what you know people like them are enjoying and finding useful within their own lifestyle.

Display And Merchandise Thoughtfully

When you have built a strong base of information about your customer and know what specific demographics are buying, you can creatively build that into your display and merchandising strategy.

Build a display for cannabis moms, who are a strong demographic of cannabis users banding around cannabis for lifestyle. Create a section for senior citizens that show some options for topicals, pain relief, or accessories that make using cannabis convenient and easy. Show the fitness community the ways that young athletes are using cannabis to enhance their pre- and post- workout regimens.

Show your demographic that you know them by appealing to them through displays and show them you have all they’re looking for just for them in one area.

Ask For Feedback

A critical part about ensuring you’re building intel about what people are buying and for what purposes is ensuring you’re actually actively collecting feedback, and using it.

Engage in some formal and informal methods of qualitative data collection that will help you understand more about how what you’re selling in-store is impacting people’s actual lives. Make a feedback form that customers can submit anonymously that asks them to share a bit about their demographic and how what they purchased in store benefitted their lifestyle. Have focus groups of regular customers who share with others the choices they’re making in products and use that information wisely in your sales strategies.

You Can’t Know Too Much

Don’t ever get complacent in knowing your customer and knowing what your customer wants and needs in terms of their cannabis experience.

As new products come to market, more people will be allured by how cannabis is truly rising to meet them where they are in their lifestyles. Take advantage of the diversity of cannabis merchandising by building thoughtful intel on your customer, providing them options that show you know them, and know exactly what they’re looking for.

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