Pittsburgh Dispensary Temporarily Closes After Running Out Of Product

They are expected to reopen this morning

Solevo Wellness in Squirrel Hill said via its Facebook page it is out of product and temporarily closed. “This is obviously disappointing, but we want to use some of this downtime to personally connect with and provide education for our patients, as well as the community,” said Solevo, which will hold a public meet and greet Thursday to answer questions and get feedback.

Solevo is not the only medical marijuana dispensary to run out of inventory. Two Philadelphia area dispensaries said they were running dry, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Several factors have caused dispensaries to run out. Only one of the state’s licensed marijuana growers, Cresco Yeltrah is shipping to retailers. Also, two additional growers aren’t expected to have their crops harvested and processed into medicines until late March, the Inquirer said. “We are pleased to see the interest and engagement from the patient community in the first few weeks of the program,” said Trent Hartley, co-founder of Cresco Yeltrah.

“Nobody could have forecasted how great the patient demand for medical marijuana would be but, as the only operator to come to market so far, we’re doing our best to supply the open dispensaries as quickly as we can harvest, manufacture and test our products,” he said.


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