Proposed 10% THC Limit In Washington Could Wreck Its Entire Cannabis Industry

HB 2546 if approved as-is would limit all licensed retail cannabis products

Cannabis companies often boast that their extracts, such as sauces, waxes, shatters, and other oils can contain more than 90 percent THC by weight. In fact, the extracts market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the burgeoning weed industry. In Washington State, extracts account for just under half, or 40 percent, of all legal weed sales. Yet a new THC-limit bill recently introduced there could kill not only the local extracts scene, but wreck the entire state’s recreational weed industry as a whole.

Last week, Washington’s legislature performed its first reading of HB 2546, described as “an act relating to the potency of marijuana products.” If approved as-is, the bipartisan bill would limit all licensed retail marijuana products to just 10 percent THC. That means all vape pen cartridges, edibles, flower, hash, extracts, and topicals could contain no more than 10 percent THC by weight. Medical cannabis products, however, would be unaffected by the bill. Similar bills previously introduced in other states, such as Colorado, failed spectacularly.

So, why even impose this THC limit? According to the bill’s language, it’s the same old Reefer Madness trope. “The legislature finds that health professionals and researchers continue to find an association between the use of high-potency marijuana and the occurrence of psychotic disorders.”

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