Retail Cannabis Sales In Edmonton Canada See Growth Despite Ongoing Illicit Sales

They are buying in larger quantities because now larger quantities are cheaper

At a time when so many businesses are feeling the financial pinch due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one Edmonton cannabis shop says it is seeing significant growth in sales.

“It’s actually really, really good. It feels good and it’s about time,” owner of Alternative Greens Trevor Miller said.

Miller said the increase is due to a few key factors.

“They are buying in larger quantities because now the larger quantities are cheaper,” Miller said.

He said the lower prices stem from products he receives from certain licenced producers. The change has brought in new customers.

“We’ve actually had numerous customers come in and say that they are no longer going to their guy. They don’t want to take the chance because it’s not worth it anymore now that the prices are where they’re at now,” Miller said.

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