San Diego Bans Cannabis Billboards Near Schools And Playgrounds

The vote last Monday was unanimous

The San Diego City Council has approved a ban on marijuana billboard ads within 1,000 feet of schools, playgrounds, day care centers, youth centers and parks with playgrounds.

The council vote last Monday was unanimous, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The law will make 352 of the city’s 644 existing billboard sites eligible for marijuana ads.

“I believe the ordinance strikes the right balance that will protect children from cannabis billboard exposure and also create a legal and constitutionally sound ordinance that is narrowly tailored,” Councilman Chris Cate said.

Critics wanted a tougher ordinance that included locations such as libraries and churches or an outright ban.

Phil Rath, leader of San Diego’s Medical Marijuana Coalition, said the law will help level the playing field between legal and illegal marijuana businesses.

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